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A properly lit facility improves customer experience, productivity, quality control, security and will result in 50-85% energy savings on your lighting expenditures. At Green Lighting Consulting, our goal is to design a lighting upgrade system with what’s most important to you and your company. The end results will be remarkable.

Harvard Business Review stated in a 2017 article, “Most offices have adequate but aging lighting systems that operate inefficiently, waste vast amounts of energy and annoy employees. Wasted electricity, uneven illumination and difficulty concentrating are 3 top complaints of office workers.”

The question you need to ask yourself is this: when you upgrade to LED lighting, will you save more on energy expenditure or gain more productivity through happy and focused employees? Both are positive results for your company. Schedule a meeting now with Green Lighting Consulting. It will be interesting to discuss how you and your company will win in both areas.

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Full Turnkey
Lighting Upgrade

Turnkey Services include an initial consultation, site survey, lighting design, photometrics, project management/logistics, ROI analysis, energy savings proposal, complete installation/commissioning and rebate processing.

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We also offer a number of consultation services. We can design an LED lighting system for you to implement, manage all processes within a current project, fully execute a lighting system you have designed, or offer tailored advice specific to your company’s particular needs.

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