Why LED?

There are many good reasons to upgrade to LED lighting with Green Lighting Consulting. For most companies it comes down to the following four benefits:

  1. Energy Savings: An LED light fixture will save you between 50-85%. With controls the savings could be as high as 90%.
  2. Long Life: LED light fixtures used by Green Lighting Consulting are rated from 50,000-100,000 plus hours. With controls, you could see an additional 25% boost to the life of your fixtures.
  3. Maintenance Free: There is no periodic maintenance required for a LED light fixture.
  4. Improved Quality of Lighting: LED fixtures are lighting with a purpose that instantly improve the quality of your lighting. For many companies the benefits of improved lighting quality and non-energy savings far exceed energy savings.

Additionally, LED light fixtures do not contain Mercury or other hazardous materials, are environmentally friendly, and will reduce peak demands and associated expenses. LED light fixtures produce very little heat, thereby reducing HVAC load and increasing your overall energy savings.